About Us

BracketSMS.NG is a bulk SMS platform that offers quick and efficient SMS messaging to Nigerian & DRC phone numbers. We pride ourselves in the offer of great and efficient service. We believe that bulk SMS messaging should be cheap and delivered fast. We also believe that an SMS platform should be easy to use, not clunky and should be user-friendly. Funding your account so that you can get to sending messages to your recipients should not be an hassle. All these and more were our guiding principles (and still are) in developing and running this platform

You get

  • Free SMS by means of different promotions, which we are always doing. (A new account automatically gets 10 free units on signing up))
  • Top-notch reporting on SMS sending & purchase.
  • Quick SMS delivery
  • Easy to use developer RESTful APIs
  • Hassle-free account funding powered by Paystack
  • You can also earn cash (yes cash) by referring others to buy from us and earn 10% of whatever amount they pay us everytime they buy from us. (...coming soon)


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